Dry Stone walling


Dry stone walls break up our countryside throughout the country, they could also look great in your garden. Sourced from natural stone in your your local area, we build to suit your surroundings. Cleverly pieced together for appearance & stability, a dry stone wall can add character and has a truly unique look.




Natural stone


We can supply a wide range of natural stone and because of it's natural origin it will always maintain it's colour throughout the year.

Our range includes Blue slate, Cream limestone, Mint, Raj, White limestone and York stone.


Retaining walls


Designed and mainly used to restrain soil to sloping areas. Used to tier two undesirable sloped sections, retaining walls are often in areas of terrain to shape landscape extensively. Specifically targeted to hillside farming and road way overpasses, but conventionally appropriate for unperfected difficult landscaped areas.

Walling for your home


Add uniqueness to your Garden areas, traditionally used in alpine gardens we can enhance any area  with the same materials, with options in all types of walling such as  Traditional lakeland Blue slate, Cream Limestone from the yorkshire dales finest bedded stone, Mint dressed sandstone, white Limestone  furness peninsula and york stone with rich sienna colours. All budgets are considered and many other walling stone is available and can always be discussed on site surveys.      


Featured walls


Do you require a wall that offers a second purpose, we can help.

Walls can provide a perfect structure for garden gates, driveway entrances and many other features.

We offer all types of materials to provide unique solutions for every customer from sand stone to york stone, from brad stone to marshall, we install it all. Please dont hesitate to enquire about all materials on the surveyors meeting.  

Garden Beds


Small walls can be built to retain soil and create excellent features, making lovely solutions for plants and trees by using all kinds of different materials. Garden areas can be created using man made or natural reclaimed stone to suit your personal needs.