10mm and 6mm surface course


Foundations don’t always have to be taken up and replaced, if you already have a solid surface and it is just damaged or has an aging top.

It might just be a case of a new coat, either a 10mm or 6mm surface course, this is cost effect and can give the area a new look. Tarmac can be laid on concrete or existing tarmac providing the surface is solid and has no sunken areas. Tack coat emulsion is added to the existing surface so the new tarmac being laid will bind. 


Base course

Is your surface area stone? or is the area so bad excavation is needed? If so, restructure of foundations will be necessary. Hardcore is then laid and compacted to create a solid area. Once this as been completed,

a 20mm base course is laid at a 60mm depth, then machined rolled ready for the installation of a 6mm/10mm surface course at a 30mm depth. 

SMA asphalt/ Stone Mastic Asphalt 

SMA is best used for surfaces that are heavily used by traffic,

ie carparks and roads or areas where vehicles need to maneuver often. It is used to prevent churning and provides deformation resistance and high durability. Developed by the Germans in the 60s, SMA is used globally for heavily trafficked areas. SMA structures include a stone skeleton which is filled with a mastic bitumen and filler and consists fibres to create adequate stability, this also prevents drainage of binder during installation.

Tarmac your driveway


Coming to use in the 18th century, Tarmac is an excellent option for driveways, roads, car parks and paths. Tarmacadam driveways offers strength, durability and weather resistance. It offers a low maintainance solution to your surface. Its look is neat with a dulled down appearance. Our tarmac drives are installed across Lancashire & Yorkshire.