Ground works restoration

Has nature taken it's toll on your drive, path or patio, don't panic about cost, it could just be that some existing materials have seen better days or just deteriorated in time. We can at times easily remove damaged materials and replace with new, bringing your installation back to its original format.  We can lift sunken areas to make your surface level again and reduce trip hazards. This can save on cost and gives your surface the improvement it needs.



Building restoration

Has your building been neglected so that is is unsafe and hazardous to you or anybody else? We solve many solutions to all sorts of problems, restoring your building back to its original look by mending the effected areas. We take extra care in ensuring safety is our number one priority using props when necessary and wearing protective equipment at all times. 


Re-pointing starts with the knocking out process, which removes any loose pointing. Heavily hit by weather, bad pointing can cause damp and also internal leaks. We can offer a complete service on pointing from chipping out to complete repoints done with adequate concrete mixers for individual types of buildings or walls. We guarantee our pointing and ensure it's done with time and care to makes sure it's neat and strong for the ultimate durability. Groundwork pointing is also available.

Restoring your current driveway

With an aim and enthusiasm to protect and restore building work we take great pride when restoring any kind of existing development, from re-construction work to cleaning. Repointing can be used to revitalise a wall or flagged area damaged by weather, which is be the biggest cause of damage to building work. Our maintenance offers you continuous up keep all year round, allowing your property to always looks fresh and presentable.

Restoration & Maintainance

Weed/moss removal


We offer moss and weed solutions and use the  most effective products. Our products help completely remove any unwanted growths and we aim to reduce these growths significantly by uses many different solutions to this problem. Using products such as hypo clean it also offers a sealant to help prevent this problem occurring.

Jet wash cleaning

Is your driveway still in good condition? At Whiteoak we understand that it's sometimes difficult to keep up with the maintenance of the damage done by our unavoidable British weather, having a great impact on your outside grounds. We can blast your surface with a high pressured jet wash, bringing your outside surroundings back to life. We can also provide a regular and ongoing solution to this problem ranging from monthly to yearly visits.