Resin Bound


Resin bound is aggregate mixed with resin, you lay by screening and floating. Skip a planning process as this product is porous. Not only that, it is also frost resistant, low maintenance and is extremely attractive with a choice of colours. It can be layed on existing foundation usually at depths between 12mm and 24mm, a top coat to Tarmac and concrete it provides an adequate and substantial surface, which we can happily advise prior to installation. It can also be a cost effective solution and put a whole new look on your property.

Bounded Surfacing


Resin bonded is laid on existing foundations where adhesive is firstly added with aggregate then installed by being screened, the end product of this is slightly rougher finish than resin bound to create even more grip and produce a more gravel effect without the mess that some loose gravel can produce. These products are also extremely eco-friendly compared to other surfacing materials.

Resin bound or bounded surfacing


We specialise in supplying for both domestic and commercial use. With our skills and knowledge of this surface, we can start with

a basic overlay over your current groundworks or re-start your ground with a full excavation.

Is resin the new tarmac?

It is porous, they never gives you loose stones, it is also stunning and will improve your home within your curtilage line.


Resin Bound surfacing