Indian stone


Indian flags are ethically sourced natural stone, offering durability attractiveness and flexibility. Ranging in colour and sizes they create endless design options. Natural stones are easily cleaned and guaranteed to go back to their original status. They are low maintenance and very practical for an ever lasting solution for your surface.

Indian stone has become a very popular choice of flag, with an attractive appearance. They provide durability and keep their colour even after heavily cleansing. Our flags are laid on full beds to ensure sustainability, pointing between each flag creates a strong mix to enhance strength.

Natural Stone

Are you looking for that traditional look, whilst maintaining the look of your existing building work. We can offer many different options in rare, old or reclaimed stone.

Delicately installed to get the best look possible. natural stone flags will add beauty and improve the appearance of your patio or garden area.

flags are great for all areas 


We offer a extremely wide range of all types of flag pavers, from you low budget man made concrete pavers to your high priced natural stone flags, when laid correctly all offer an sercure and sustainable surface. When laying pavers and flags at whiteoak groundworks we ensure full strong beds of concrete is used and strong pointing is inserted to increase strength and make your project last for years to come.


Concrete Paving


Man made pavers are available with many options in design and colour and range in cost. From new home development projects to existing homes or commercial buildings we can update all different surroundings and groundwork areas. They are perfect for straight line work, as the square blocks install with ease.