Landscaping and design


We combine nature and culture to create truly outstanding landscapes and garden designs providing great architecture. We work closely with all our clients to inspire and produce practical and low maintenance concepts along with exciting and colourful projects, offering an all round service to achieve 100% client satisfaction at all times.  



Traditional and contemporary materials 


Complementing the 18th and 19th century look, we offer many types of traditional building materials to provide an authentic and attractive look. If you have a new property and are looking to increase contemporary persona, we can mix old with new, using traditional materials they can be a wonderful option for the more creative client. We are proud to encourage this type of work and can offer a design element to open your eyes to endless uses of products, creating a unique development at your home. 

Lighting features

Lights can enhance the look of your garden, and bring your design to life. We have certified electricians who implement and enhance our work significantly by installing light fittings to surface areas and walling areas, both internally and externally. Lights create great effects and increase visibility in times of darkness. Combining this with our many water features and design options we install exciting, attractive and practical solutions giving any environment an eye catching appeal and can also create tranquil and peaceful effects.   

space improvements or water features

As a company we can offer services on design and many different choices on materials, giving our work individuality. We offer different boarders and perimeter options giving customers many samples of setts such as natural cobbled stone, blue ice, black limestone, green tumbled slate, brown panoramic, silver granite, lake land blue tumbled and mint setts. We offer many contemporary alternatives.  Additional installments such as water features, garden beds, barbeques and many more can be added just to give you that little bit more.  

Garden Features

Water features


Water sounds and looks great, drastically improving the look of your space. Rockeries can be built to surround your new water feature, using stone or materilas of your choice. Waterfalls and ponds are the most popular features we install, with expert advise on specific plant that can be used in that area. Lighting can also be added to give your water that sparkle we all love to see.