In the first stage of our design methodology, understanding client requirements and ideas as well as location and environmental factors takes precedent. As part of the design process we would undertake a series of site surveys to fully appreciate the site’s existing situation and micro climate. This will include survey of existing hard and soft landscape; Paths, walls and steps and Trees, shrubs and plants etc.

Following this, we will analyse the survey data and implement the best design strategy. We will then produce a series of preliminary sketch design ideas in response.



Detailed Design 


Following on from the inception stage, we would produce detailed design plans, sections and perspectives, depending on the project, that will be based on the sketch designs and client feedback.

Typically there are three main areas of detailed design;

  • General arrangements

  • Hard works

  • Soft works

Depending on the scale of the project, these will be produced on 1 – 3 sheets. In addition to these three areas, we can also produce 3D models and CGI’s of the design. This exercise would show how the design would work physically with the wider context of the area as well as providing perspective for the client.

Construction Details                   


The last stage of landscape design is providing detailed specifications of the design strategy. This would include any details of decks, retaining walls, paving, steps Etc. this stage will specify materials, dimensions and build properties.

The detail drawings will then be passed onto our in-house build team who will lead construction through to completion.

Let us create the designs for your ideas 

When we design a truly remarkable landscape, we create a contrasting feel between contemporary architectural styles and the simplistic systems of nature, to create a successful juxtaposition of varying elements.

We work directly with our clients to maximise a space that will be tailor made for them, providing spectacular functionality, form and aesthetics. The ideas and requirements of the client will take precedent. This provides a lense in which we work through so we can create a landscape design of outstanding quality that is best suited for the environment in which it is situated. 

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