Garage bases and flooring. 


We provide all concreting options from internal flooring to external flooring. The main use for concrete are garage bases and paths,

we add fibres to our concrete mixers to enhance strength and provide durability. 



Are you looking to build? we can provide all kinds of solutions to foundations. We will excavate and carefully construct footings to make building projects easy to build on, we also construct our own footings and foundations for whiteoak groundworks whether it's for retaining walls, garden walls, extensions or any other building developments. 

Re-inforced concrete


Concrete poured round a steel frame to create strength and sustainability it is a solution that's been used for many years.

Used in all types of situations such as bridges, heavily trafficked roads or buildings and foundations. We can offer solutions for all different types of installations in this area we have a special team in place that are trained an experienced in the laying of concrete. 

Concrete your base  


We lay all options of concreting suitable for all loads and traffic, steel reinforcements can be used when necessary. 

Used to lay foundations for any type of building work. Garage base slab flooring, paths or for vehicles of any kind.

Concreting can help reduce construction time and also encourage sustainable development, as well as saving your money.